The Big Yellow School Bus

October 6, 2009 in Novelty

Whether you are preparing for your school prom, planning a big night on the town, celebrating with your fellow stags and hens, or even getting to the church on time, the big yellow bus is the perfect way to travel. With this bright yellow genuine California high school bus the exterior very much speaks for itself, but you should never just judge a bus by its colour…

Audio & Video

The big yellow bus boasts an interior that looks like a mini nightclub, so it is only fitting it has a music system to match!

  • Powered by an 800 watt p.a. and driven by a state of the art multimedia system
  • 8 channel studio mixing desk and a choice of 30,000 tracks at your disposal
  • Access the system with your own iPod, MP3 player, CDs and DVDs
  • 2 x 150w subwoofers (1 built into the rear seat)
  • 4 x 125w JBL satellite 3 way monitor speakers
  • Go live and plug into the studio mixer

But if all that is not enough, this bus has the capability to present you and your guests with a full 4 piece rock and roll band on the go! Or if you think you can do a better job, you can also bring along your own instruments, plug in and show off your skills.